CSS Plugins

Allows using Stylus, An expressive, dynamic, robust CSS.
CSSPlugin is used to handle .css syntax. As such, it should always be at the end of any CSS processing chain (see [#list-of-plugins](Plugin configuration) for examples of plugin chains), as it handles everything that is relating to bundling, reloading and grouping css styles.
CSSModules allow you to include stylesheets as key value map of the class name in your file to the transformed value.
This program is designed to make it easy to import a css library from an npm package.
Handles Less CSS pre-processor files.
No description
Allows using Sass, A professional grade CSS extension language.


Allows importing of `HTML` files as a string in your code.
Markdown Plugin generates HTML from Markdown files.
Allows importing of templates as a string in your code using the consolidate package.
Generates a HTML file once a producer's job is completed


Allows images to be bundled as `base64` data. Supports most image formats, including SVGs.
Allows importing `.svg` graphics files into javascript source for use in styles and as image source.


Deprecated. Please migrate to the new [Vue Component Plugin](/plugins/vue-component-plugin)
Transpile code to different dialects of javascript.
Transpile `.coffee` files into JavaScript.
Transpile .vue files into JavaScript.


If you are using just plain javascript without transformation, this plugin will handle caching and HMR
Allows files to be imported as plain text.
Adds a comment with static text at the top of the bundle.
Copies your files to a destination folder and return a hashed URL when required in your code. If no options are specified, the plugin copies your files into `assets` folder
Creates environment variables that can be accessed at build or run time. it works both on server and in browser, You can even access in other `FuseBox` plugins.
Allows `.json` files to be imported as javascript objects
Allows replacing strings in files with new values.
Makes sourcemaps from plain js files
Adds required typescript functions to the bundle. Please note that it adds only the ones that are actually used, helping to avoid unnecessary code.
Compresses the javascript code by using [UglifyES](https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS2/tree/harmony).
Compresses the javascript code by using [UglifyJS2](https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS2)