Typescript works out of the box, additional configuration is not required. Make sure you have the typescript compiler installed.

yarn add typescript --dev
npm install typescript --save-dev

Now let's define a simple configuration

const fuse = FuseBox.init({
    homeDir: "src/",
    output: "dist/$name",


FuseBox automatically switches to typescript mode by detecting the extension .ts / .tsx. FuseBox compiles and bundles your files.


For your own convenience you can also add the [Typescript helpers plugin](/plugins/typescript-helpers-plugin).


FuseBox comes with default ts options so you don't need a tsconfig.

If you have a tsconfig file in your homeDir or any directory up the file tree (e.g. appRootPath), it will be picked up automatically.

Alternatively you can use the tsconfig option to customize the path to tsconfig.json (It can be an absolute path, Or relative to the project's folder).

    tsConfig: "tsconfig.json",

Irrespective of the settings in tsconfig.json:

  • We automatically set the module to commonjs.
  • If you set sourceMaps in your FuseBox options, we automatically setup the sourcemap settings for TypeScript compilerOptions.


Use this plugin to do typechecking