Frequently asked questions


Questions related to CSS

Why doesn't my CSSPlugin work?

Your chain is most likely not set up correctly.

In case of the global config, make sure it looks like this:

plugins : [
    [ SassPlugin(), CSSPlugin() ]

In case of a bundle specific config:

    .plugin(SassPlugin(),CSSPlugin() )


Please double check the chain! It's very important!!!


An array should be inside a plugin array! That's how the chaining in fusebox is achieved.

Imports / Exports

Questions related to imports/exports

Default exports do not work

Why my default exports doesn't work? It works with webpack?!

import _ from "lodash"

That's because typescript is not Babel. If you can configure it by adding a Babel Plugin. To solve this issue with typescript import your libraries as follows:

import * as _ from "lodash"


It says that "default" is undefined, why is that?

When babel introduced ES2015 Modules => CommonJS, the spec wasn't completed. However, everyone was using it. The spec came along and stipulated that you cannot request a default import (ie. import Foo from 'x') from a module that doesn't have one.

Instead, you must do import * as Foo from 'x'

Why aren't my node modules transpiled?

Because FuseBox does not transpile them. But you can easily do that by setting up the BabelPlugin like so:

plugins : [
    BabelPlugin({limit2project : false})

You can target the Babel Plugin to resolve a failing library like so:

plugins : [
    [ "node_modules/es6-lib/*", BabelPlugin({limit2project : false}) ]

FuseBox deliberately limits Babel to increase the overal performance. That's why limit2project is required

Why doesn't HMR work?

HMR doesn't work with disabled cached. Enable it.